So you just booked a boudoir session...

How exciting! Welcome to the Boudie Babes Club, we support and uplift each other on the daily here. My clients often ask me how should they prep for a boudoir session and what they should wear. The biggest advice I want you to take away from this is to not over think it. So without further to do, here's my top tips to rocking your boudoir session.

Prepping for a Boudoir Session

The first rule I live by is..... NO SPRAY TANS or body make-up. I know you want that creamy, sun kissed skin look BUT the reason why I suggest not getting a spray tan is because you will more than likely have "tan" lines somewhere and body make-up will rub off on everything it touches.

Recommendation No. 2, start stretching like a week before your shoot. Your body is going to be moving in ways you may not be used to, like pointing your toes, arching your back, etc. I recently did my own boudoir shoot, and it hurt to walk for like 3 days.

Recommendation No.3, make a playlist. Whether it be something soothing and sensual, or something upbeat and fun. Whatever is going to make you feel more comfortable, and it doesn't hurt to try on your outfits before your shoot and dance around in them to make sure you feel good in it!

Recommendation No.4, if you wax, try to get a wax a two days before your shoot so inflammation subsides beforehand. If you don't wax, trim things up and you're all set. If you have never waxed before, please do not wax before your session as you may break out with red bumps. The night before your shoot, exfoliate everything and shave as normal. This will make your skin glow and will help any face make-up stick! (Remember this is not required, we support body hair here)

Recommendation No.5, arrive at your session wearing loose fitting and no bra clothing to avoid pant lines or bra strap lines. Button ups are a great option so we don't mess up your hair or make-up before we begin!

And last but not least, make sure you are taking care of you! Make sure you stay hydrated and eat something before your shoot!

As always, I'm more than happy to email, text, or jump on the phone with you to walk you through any question you may have!

xo, Chelly